Dog's tears

Only trees see my tears.

A week ago I was your
the best friend in the world.
Tied with a heavy chain
but it was my home there.

I had no other house,
didn't know other life.
Day by day,
I felt needed again.

I trusted you so much
and they trusted you,
-my little ones, they gone
and I don't know how.

I loved them so much,
why did you take them back?
I believed you,
I believed in you.

You put them in this bag,
there was so, so dark.
They trusted you so much,
they ran around, around, round you.

And now, why have you left me tied to tree
and why don't you come back to me?
I have no water, I have no hope,
I waited so, so long.

I still cry when I see
- my little ones in my dreams,
they run around, around, round me,
they run around, around, round me.

Now only trees see my tears,
my tears, my tears.

E. of N.E.S. (Ending of Never Ending Story- English)

I feel sorrow
when the world I know
it coming to the end
leaves me alone.

I don't want all pure
like a kiss of a child
became only the image
of my mind.

At night, in at dusk
will I find the way
to live above sense
despite my brain?

In tale of my thirsts
will I find the way
to defeat the wall
of greyness of day?

Two years

My dear honey, I’m telling you - bye.
I know too many your dirty lies.

Don’t tell me “I don’t know her”.
I know too many your dark games.

Like your delegations to not existing places.
Like her deaf phones and your lost clothes.

Two years inside your eyes.
Bye, bye.
I have lost too much time.

I won’t let you to stay
and to cheat me again.
I will let my madness
to stop your hands,
before I will stay dead without myself.

I will sing for you – bye, bye,
all the time, all the time, all the time.…
Honey, this gun is mine,
before you will open mouth
the end, the end will come.

Bye, bye honey, honey…
Bye, bye …

You and me, it is the past.
You won’t hurt me, it is enough.

Honey, I will go my own way.

So as you

The lights will go out soon
and music from my lips,
will flow down to myself,
... so as you
and you.

I will go down there,
where among a singing men
I will be lonely again,
… so as you
and you.

Will I stay the sound
in your ears? Will I become
the music in your life?
…So ..as in your
and in your.

Drive on

we drive on
and you can not
stop us...

Spinning cups

I sit here alone again
in this café world
full of men.
they won’t to know
who I am.
only sugar
will sweeten my pain.

I hear on the radio my name
and then said with warm voice,
“You are exceptional
and you have unusual gift.
cups will dance for you,
look on this”.

Spinning cups
on all tables,
they are dancing
only for you.
Spinning cups
on all tables,
they prove
that all is possible.
Spinning cups
on all tables,
they are created
because of you.

you try
to spin your cup…

Ending of Never Ending Story - Polish

Czuję żal,
gdy świat, który znam,
już dobiega swych
ostatnich stron.

Tak bardzo nie chcę
by to, co znów ważne,
okazało się bliższe
szalonym snom.

Czy pomimo mroku,
znów odnajdę drogę,
by na Smoku Szczęścia
wędrować wśród chmur?

Czy w "Historii bez końca"
znów odnajdę sposób,
by wzrokiem sięgnąć
poza codzienności mur?